The Beginning of the 21th Century

wax, mat, wood, iron, stones, drape, mixed media,site-specific installation, 2021

Healing has continued in different forms throughout the history of art. Art united everyone around a ritual and healing, from the artist who produced the work, to the viewer until witnessing it, through various subjects. Thus, art scrutinized us to be in the moment, to pause in the hustle and bustle of daily life, to look at ourselves and return to its real meaning. 

Perhaps one of the best achievers was Joseph Beuys, with shamanic rituals, myths he created, movements and objects, each of which became a symbol. Purification, healing, recognizing oneself at a different level of consciousness was the missing point of the modern man, who started to lose her/his common sense and runned relentlessly nowhere. His art, on the other hand, symbolized a social, physical and spiritual healing and reshaping in this loss of self. 

As Beuys celebrates his 100th birthday in 2021, at a time when social turmoil and human values begin to come to a deadlock, the artist questions his thoughts on healing in the context of the movement. body and ritual, by interrupting walking in a two-hundred-meter unidirectional tunnel, with a site-specific installation. Qadrra reconstructs symbolic objects around ritual by staying in the moment and encouraging  experimentation. Working on act of walking, death, memory of a space and time, the artist embarks on the path of discovering the nature of healing in the light of our age, by reflecting on Beuys’s art with his own practice.