Transition Areas / Geçiş Alanları

Artprint, 49,5×44,5cm 4 pieces, 18x24cm 6 pieces, 27,5x41cm, 2018

Airports, coach stations, terminals, restaurants, stores and hotels adressing the needs of people are all architectural structures with their own, unique architectural elements. These structures that are situated on key points, that functionally differ from the architectural designs that carry the purpose of residence, attract travelers with a much different language.

All of these constructions not only witness the concurrent informations and functional actions of the human masses and civilizations by being situated on communication networks each, but also witness the manifold human masses, minds, ethnic cultures and traditions by merit of a more local transportation network. These peripheral places that constantly “live” with a rythmic speed, can reflect the languages, cultures and traditions of the human and its activities from an ethnological perspective; without losing the qualities of their universal construction elements.

These constructions invite the concept of time on the stage; time almost exists in the very souls of these constructions. Mobility, expectance, the race against time, planning and process become the characters of these peripheral locations with the effects of the communication network that keeps flowing.

During the first steps of a project that takes place in a wide timeline, I photographed the “Istanbul-Laleli International Passenger and Cargo Transference Center Terminal” and the formations around it. This construction that is situated in Istanbul is a bus terminal that transports passengers and cargo to the Balkans and the Caucasus. In here, the existence and  trottings of people seeking work and asylum is felt strongly. The offices found in this station, and the signboards that have been attached to them, also show us the relation of the people and their destinations. The surroundings of this terminal that demonstrate different characteristic to that of the services and troubles of an airport, reflects its diversity with its customers and residents to Turkey and Istanbul.