Setting off with the concepts of city and life in relation with the universe, the cosmos and metaphysics and field of philosophy, I presently continue my contemporary multidisciplinary art studies in Istanbul, which include conceptual art, media art, painting, video, photography and their installations.

My work indicates the current state of the human and social community. Currently I create a visual and philosophical language on the contradictions of urban architecture, body, vitality and contemporary life. How can people live or survive? How does technology, art, science and philosophy handle this question and develop the structures for the future decades? Art can redesign the narratives and can create miscellaneous hybrid structures.  I’m forming new artistic visions according to my  research and impressions of concurrent space-time. What I’m working on is not creating a simplex story, about a nature of modern-human-being (if there is such a nature…). I reveal a kaleidoscopic narrative style; reflect on the past and present of life and visualize the treatment of all of these. This process develops on society and nature at the micro and macro levels. Spectators of these studies do not need to reach a conclusion. They will experience a kind of impression of their own value judgments.

My studies are long-term and multi-disciplinary. Language, image, video and sound are the specific areas to grasp art, human being and society in my artwork. All of these works will continue to be integrated into these areas and develop themselves in time and space.