FineArt Print, 63,5×42 cm, 2019

Cities that we filled with concrete, expand with greed.

The temperature values are inverted, the seasons are intertwined and finally unpredictable raids of extreme floods and droughts…

People are moving away from green. Green is now a memory,a theater set to be remembered and perceived again. It’s a “healthy” story that further generations could no longer inherit. A prt of the human that is beginning to be lost.

Human may need physically and sensually need green and nature but when Spirit is involved, the “artificial nature” (which is sprinkled on ordinary parts of cities and mislead the eyes) reveals the deplorable reflections of a psychology longing for green. Efforts to be aesthetic make irony even intolerable. People whı are despereate and deceived by anartifical naturalness. The tragicomic case of metropolis that develop and expand relentlessly.